PPFFT is short for the “Pauper Princess Fanfiction Theatre.” I write, but mostly just think up, many stories about my literary stand-in and stunt double, Mara, whose last name varies depending on the story. But her first name is always – ALWAYS – pronounced Mare-uh and not Marr-uh.

Don’t blame me; blame the woman I met in college who was quite insistent on the pronunciation. Because she was the first,  and to date, only, person I know named Mara, I didn’t have any preconceptions about it. But I decided then and there that I really liked her name, so I’ve stolen it and used it for my stunt double ever since.

I write what I call “Mara Prime” stories on my other blog. They’re her own stories, minus other people’s copyrighted characters. The PPFFT just transfers her as she is now and makes whatever modifications are needed for her to be properly shoehorned into other people’s universes.

I often have the concern that, no matter how I write her, somebody will dismiss her as a “Mary Sue” (or “MarA Sue,” if you like) character, if for no other reason than her even existing in other peoples’ stories. Also, for fitting any of the extremely long list of attributes on TVTropes. I reread that page recently and decided, You know what? I can’t win. A character in their own story could fulfill every single attribute listed, and not be thought of as a MS, because: main character. Add a foreign character with a handful of traits, and you’re screwed. I do what I can to avoid the tropes, but the list is so long, there’s no escaping it.

I can tell you what Mara won’t appear in, because I’m not a fan of these:

Harry Potter, Twilight, Game of Thrones, My Little Pony, any anime, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings. There are dozens more, but those are common FF subjects. Oh, let’s not forget porn and/or slash. WILL. NOT. WRITE. THOSE.

I like Star Wars and have a big ol’ epic for her in my head, but I don’t think I’ll ever write it, because SW fans are really, ah… protective of what they perceive to be “canon.” I used to like Buffy, but I think that time has passed. Besides, I despised seasons 5 and on, and only watched them in order to recap episodes for some British friends. During its original airing, the US saw the episodes months ahead of them. I have some mental Supernatural fic, too, but one thing about allies of the Winchesters: they tend to end up dying horrible deaths, and I just couldn’t go there.

But stick around on the blog and see where I do go! The first world to be violated by my twisted takes: Girl Genius!


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