Agatha H. and the Fair Dinkum Blue – Part 12

Genre: Steampunk / Gaslamp Fantasy
Stumbles Clumsily InGirl Genius
Mara’s Involvement: medium
Time: continuing after The Pauper Princess and the Way of the Trilobite.

The story so far!
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The Pauper Princess Fanfiction Theatre Presents:
Agatha H. and the Fair Dinkum Blue – Part 12!

Lucrezia had spent most of the next hour working to replicate her portable shield jammer for the other two flagships. She was not devoid of suspicion that the algorithms – and designs of their weapons and defenses – provided to her were false, but to openly question their authenticity would raise flags of their own. The surest and quickest way to test the jammer was to press a button, and preferably on the Wulfenbach bridge.

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