Agatha H. and the Fair Dinkum Blue – Part 3

Genre: Steampunk / Gaslamp Fantasy
Stumbles Clumsily InGirl Genius
Mara’s Involvement: medium
Time: continuing (almost) right after The Pauper Princess and the Way of the Trilobite.

The story so far!
–You’ll believe a dragon can fly, but not land.
–Skifandrians are not prudes.

Legal disclaimer stuff:
“This story is not approved by, sponsored by or affiliated with Studio Foglio LLC or Airship Entertainment.”

The Pauper Princess Fanfiction Theatre Presents:
Agatha H. and the Fair Dinkum Blue – Part 3!

The three Emperors clinked glasses, drained their drinks, and “ahhhed” at the same time. They blinked, then chuckled about the serendipity. A tension breaker! Agatha thought this to be a good time to bring up her talk with Zeetha.
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